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Decorating a house to add color for a modern look

172846e01d4ff353600de1c0f629e324.image .1050x700 300x200 Decorating a house to add color for a modern lookNo one wants a bland house with a lack of color. Everyone would like to (with a few exceptions of course) be able to come into a home full of life, color, patterns and design. Sometimes creating just the right look for a modern home can be difficult and deciding the exact path can be tough as you decide what designs you want to live with for, the next ten years, for example.

Deciding how to use interior design in your home isn’t necessarily life-changing, but it is something you have to live with for a very long time, so you want to choose your furniture carefully.

Now, not all of us start with a completely blank slate to design with and tend to have a few accessories or even a larger piece of furniture such as a sofa to start with. The key here is to work with the select pieces of you collection you want to keep while incorporating modern touches such as a glass vase or metal candlebra or red side table.

Most people start redesigning their living room or dining room not out of necessity but from want, so choose the furniture carefully and make sure the designs in the room, regardless of whether you are buying bedroom furniture or patio furniture, match your personality.

If you are a vibrant colorful person, loud reds, yellows or even neons might suit your personality, but then again you might need calmer colors to soothe your spirit to keep you vibrant. Others that are mellower in personality don’t need to go for boring looks, but need mellow colors such as tans, whites, blacks, browns. But even if you don’t like loud colors and designs, add a bit of color in small accents. Incorporate the color of the year, Pantone honeysuckle, a gorgeous pink into your designs for a romantic bit of color.

Even those who prefer muted colors can use a little bit to add vibrancy to a design and keep it from being so muted it doesn’t express personality. Add a nice runner over the side table or a vase of flowers on the table. Look for a modern, edgy desk in an off-the-wall color and pair it with a modern floor lamp for a nice contemporary look in your home office.

Even just a small touch of color through a favorite accessory or home accent can go a long way.

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