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Wallpaper is making a comeback as a design trend

loft urban brick style Wallpaper is making a comeback as a design trend

Loft Urban Brick Style Wallpaper

For a long time, using wallpaper was out of vogue and remembered by many as the hideous wallpaper prints and trends from the 1970s

Wallpaper started making a comeback in 2010 as designers began to introduce new modern designs for the home, but didn’t really start picking up steam until 2011 as homeowners began looking for new ways to design their homes, living rooms, bedrooms and more.

For a long time using paint as a design technique was popular as designers used stencils, wall stickers and shelving to add design accents. While paint is available in many, many, colors and it’s easy to be creative, for some doing a fancy painting or mural or even painting beyond basic white walls is difficult for many.

Using wallpaper makes adding flair, design and a unique look to your home much easier than painting because you don’t need to be an artist to find a beautiful design to put on your wall. Go to your local design or furniture or home furnishings store to find a modern wallpaper to bring just the right touch to your home.

Where can wallpaper be used? In any room of your house from bathroom to living room. You can cover the entire room with wallpaper or just make a statement with an eclectic design in one area of your living room for example. Use in your kitchen or bathroom too. Here are a few ideas to help you get started.

1)      Use wallpaper as a border in your dining room or kitchen. Or use one main very basic wallpaper with minimal designs for the entire dining room with a splashy border. Some like to use the wallpaper in the center wall area found between cabinets and counters.

2)      Decorate only one wall in your living room with a splashy heavy on design wallpaper and pair with a matching sofa and side table.

3)      In the bedroom, find a wallpaper that matches your décor. Use as a border, one wall or even the entire room with a modern design that suits your taste.

4)      Use as a mural in a kid’s room – look for a unique wallpaper designed just for children and incorporate into the designs, even if only on one wall!

5)      Don’t be afraid to be creative and mix and match your wallpaper. Use two different designs to create a look that’s uniquely you!

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