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Decorating your apartment: Ideas to design modern urban spaces

new york sofa bed white 05 Decorating your apartment: Ideas to design modern urban spacesWith so many large metropolitan areas around the world, more and more people are seeking out an urban living space in a large apartment or loft downtown close to where they live and work and play. With design shifting towards an intense focus on minimalist design, with an emphasis on functional yet stylish furniture, shopping for a modern urban apartment can be a journey in the future. Urban spaces run the gamut from ultra trendy but modern spaces on Miami Beach to small loft apartments in New York City.

Urban living brings a different feel to a space, and if you’re looking for a few ideas on designing your new cottage home in Los Angeles or urban apartment in Chicago, read on for some inspirational tips on designing a modern urban home.


1)      Focus on clean lines and uncluttered space. Urban spaces are about small emphasis on individual elements while keeping the lines easy, simple and uses storage to tuck away belongings. Look for a coffee table with cutouts that functions doubly as art and as function with hidden drawers and cubbys. Add in a bench or storage box in the living room for both additional storage space and seating space if needed.

2)      Look for a modern futon sofa that has both comfort and function, allowing you to have a modern styled living room with additional sleeping space for guests spending the night as needed without having an entire extra bedroom, perfect for studio or efficiency apartments.

3)      Lighting is important especially when you are sectioning off a small space. If you have a combination living room and dining room, extra lighting will help set off the different areas of your home. Use a chandelier in the dining room to avoid taking up more floor space with a lamp and find a thing floor lamp or set a lamp on a side table that converts to a larger table if needed to accommodate guests.

4)      If you have a larger space, find a sectional sofas that splits off into two pieces that can be broken up inside a modern living room, allowing flexibility in the design of the room.

5)      Definitely look for a modern photograph of canvas print of modern art or graphics. Look for an edgy piece with bold color in direct contrast to the clean lines of the furniture. Another modern option is a unique wall sticker that adds a contemporary design statement to your home.

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