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Modern furniture made with organic material

Black Katana Coffee Table 4 Modern furniture made with organic material In a world today that has become more aware of our dependence on the earth, we are looking for ways to reconnect to nature and incorporate it into our lives. This is an important step to recognizing that we are all connected and the health of the earth is mirrored in the health of our lives.

Manmade materials also known as synthetic materials can be easy to live with and while they are popular, organic materials are naturally free of chemicals that can be deleterious to our health. With this consideration in mind, it should be easy to find those pieces of modern furniture that incorporate organic materials into their designs.

Since the 1960’s when organic forms were emphasized, sometimes the materials used to express these designs were organic in nature, sometimes not. There was a fascination that extended though much of the twentieth century with space age materials that lent themselves to being able to be molded into shapes and forms similar to those found in nature. These materials were usually plastics or wood that had been molded and then covered with upholstery.

Some chairs during this time were called by names of plants and forms commonly found in nature; mushroom, tulip, tongue and more though most were not usually made of organic materials. Modern furniture then looked more at the form as being organic rather than the materials used.

Today, we can have the best of both worlds. Modern furniture that both resembles elements of nature and is made with organic materials is what we are looking for. Outside patio furniture is a perfect example. Hand woven rattan useful for both indoor and outdoor furniture, is a natural material that adds the warmth of a handcrafted piece of furniture with the wonderful texture of the rattan itself. It is meant to be durable and withstand the wear and tear of daily use. This is an additional benefit to purchasing modern furniture with organic materials. Easy to maintain, they are strong and should last a long time.

Organic materials work well when contrasted with seemingly dissimilar styles such as Italian modern as they spotlight each piece bringing out their individual characteristics. Organic materials works seamlessly when incorporated into a Zen inspired designed space. Low slung chairs and modern benches provide places for contemplation and respite, a necessity in today’s often hectic and on the go lifestyle.



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