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Living room is a special place in your house

zen living room Living room is a special place in your houseCelebrating birthdays, enjoying the holidays, throwing great house parties, watching television, listening to music, cheering on our favorite team or quiet time in front of a roaring fireplace, what do all of these have in common?, we are usually doing all of these and more in the living room. So named because this is where we do most of our living inside a home, it is the one place we count on to provide for all of our needs on a constant basis.

When you are designing the living room remember to account for the multitude of uses and ambiences it needs to provide to be a truly wonderful living room. Start with the most basic of needs for this space which is seating.

A modern sectional sofa is probably an essential providing for styling that will enhance any other addition to the room as well as offering flexible grouping that can be a streamline and efficient use of space for large parties or broken out into smaller individualized settings for more intimate conversations.

Building on this, be sure to include at least two armchairs that can be added to a dining room table as extra seating if needed or placed together for one-on-one conversations. Look for a variety of styles that all relate to each other and with modern furniture design you have several to choose from so explore; these will bring in interesting conversation pieces as well as personalizing your space. Nonverbal communication can be just as important as verbal so how you decorate your living room speaks volumes about how you view your home and those who live in it and visit.

Living rooms are also important in that this is usually the room we include those items such as books or masks or hand-woven baskets that are reminders of past trips and experiences. They are the touches that put-up the welcome sign. Look for a sleek contemporary wall unit to store and display your priceless items. Many of them also include both opaque as well as glass doors so you can easily store clutter out of sight or highlight a special one.

The television, while usually the dominant element in a living room can be incorporated into a modern home atop of a minimalist television stand with ample storage space below. This also keeps the wires and the stuff of electronics organized but out of sight providing for a functional yet attractive solution.

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