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A living room is usually the focal point of the house.

home 7 300x132 A living room is usually the focal point of the house.With a room named the “living” room it does not seem surprising that we gravitate to this space as the center of the house. While the kitchen may be the heart of the house our “fun” stuff happens in our living rooms. This being the case, let’s take a look at what this means when we are busy decorating for such a multi-purpose room.

The many activities that can and do happen in this space requires some thoughtful pre-planning to insure that we buy modern furniture pieces that will easily fulfill a varied and an ever changing list of requirements.

For example, one of the things that probably pops into our minds first as something that usually happens in the living room is watching television. Whether it is to watch a show, put on a movie or play a video game, electronics is a part of our everyday lives. Modern wall units and television stands provide stylish solutions along with practical storage. A sleek modern television stand creates a nice design statement with a minimal of fuss and hides wires and other not so attractive cords. The days of heavy looking wood stands are gone replaced by Zen inspired black finishes with glass doors or Italian white lacquer that shimmers and brightens any room it is in.

Adding a modern sectional sofa is such a great piece of furniture because it allows you change furniture around anyway you like. Comfortable and available in a myriad of materials and finishes it is definitely the place to be when hanging out in the living room. Include some contemporary arm chairs for comfy, embracing resting spots.

No living room would be complete without a splash of color and texture on the floor. A hardwood or polished cement floor is easy to maintain but can be a bit cool on the feet. Finding a modern floor rug is the bold statement that provides for both soft padding underfoot as well as a great tie-in for the entire room. An ultra modern design would be just perfect.

Lighting is an important element in this room as well. Including light fixtures that can be adjusted is what is needed for both ambiance and for reading. Following the same tenets as modern furniture design, it must be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. This is also an easy way to bring in additional color with trendy, hip light fixtures that keep a living room livable.

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