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French bedroom furniture

When we think of French we think of love and romance. What better space to include French furniture than in our bedroom. Unlike some modern furniture designs like Scandinavian or minimalist that emphasizes straight lines with a “less is more” design repertoire that is refreshingly clean, the French styled modern furniture can be a bit softer emphasizing curvier lines and subtle detailing that highlights but does not dominate the overall design of the piece.

Particularly with our beds, it is inviting to curl up in a French inspired styled frame and headboard. Warmly functional yet not overpowering, it adds charm and intrigue into our room. With a strong embrace of wood as the preferred material, look for a combination of different colored woods to keep the bedroom from looking monochromatic. Cherry woods work well with birch and rattan. Of course the French are famous for their wonderful mix of fabric textiles easily pairing stripes with patterns and checks with soft pastels.

Colors can be deep and rich like golden grain fields or dreamy and light like a summer afternoon sky. Tuscan colors remind us of vineyards and warm sun grounding us into reality. Embracing these visual emotions can translate well into a bedroom setting. A smooth lined armoire with multi veneer insets adds the detailing that creates a retreat for us to live and love in.

Look for the bed linens to emphasize the characteristics of the furniture. Pure white sets the stage for a dreamy ambience and plays well against wood furniture. Be sure to include an oversized chair that provides both a spot to perform more functional tasks as well as creating a sheltered embrace that allows us a moment to reflect and recuperate from our day. When choosing a modern chair be sure to look for one that gives you that “ahhh!” feeling. You will look forward to this everyday becoming a surprisingly small but anticipated pleasure.

This is the way you want to include furnishings in your bedroom. French modern furniture can provide the practical storage as well as opportunities to embrace life.

Consider including a modern wall unit, which will offer a place to include hand-woven baskets that can easily hide items while necessary are not the first or last thing we want to see in our bedroom.  Including a colorful patterned run underfoot adds just the perfect touch for something soft and warm for us to walk on.

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