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French style furniture modern

Modern furniture is exciting because it encompasses so many different styles all under the umbrella of modern design yet each with its own distinct flavors and nuances. French style modern furniture is at once chic and today, comfortably fitting in anywhere.

Within the style of French modern furniture there is a wide range of pieces to choose from. Warm and familiar country French modern is relaxed and inviting cheerfully welcoming in a diverse mix of fabric patterns to pair with wood and rattan framed furniture. Hand woven rush seats are the most traditional but with modern’s mirthful use of materials, leather padded chairs with sleek angled lines and zig zag legs keeps the lines interesting and unexpected.

A French style modern armoire in the living can be the perfect complement to an ultra minimalist decor. Bringing in the warmth of wood with softer curvy lines and a touch of craftsman detailing, it adds the subtleties that make rooms rich and personal. An entry hallway table with curving, twisted legs make even the most mundane of tasks such as walking through the door and dropping our keys in a basket on  top seems somehow special, elevated beyond the action itself.

Modern French styled dining room sets can be large and easily accommodate large parties. With a love for wood, it should be easy to maintain its good looks for years or you can opt for the wrought iron base with a visually lightening glass table top. At home on both your outdoor patio and inside in  a more casual dining room or garden room setting, it allows for those touches that makes French design so appealing. At once chic and refined yet accessible and personable, colorful pottery accessories with cascading flowering plants make each and every room healthier and pleasure to be in.

The dining room chairs with their typical ladder back rests find a refreshing interpretation in French modern furniture with rounded backs that delicately sit atop seats meant for lingering dinners and great conversation. Be sure to include a modern side board. With the wonderful detailing and accents that are typical of French styled modern furniture, it is easy to complete a room by highlighting these details through the accessories in the space. A wrought iron metal framed mirror reflects the best of the room casting light shadows and creating visual excitement. A nice trick is to have two mirrors hung directly across from each other. Think of light being treated like a ping pong ball, it produces some very nice effects.



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