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How to make the most out of your living room furniture


When you come home to a living room that perfectly suits your tastes and needs, your home becomes a haven for family and friends to visit you. The living room is likely one of the most used rooms in your home so you want to make sure you get the most out of your living room furniture.

Central to your living room is the focal point or area of distinction. The layout of your living room is critical because this focal point such as a television stand, painting, fireplace or other creative space will become the gathering point of the room.

The goal is to encourage your guests to engage, or as HGTV points out in this article about creating a focal point, the goal is “sociopetal”. Sociopetal is the means of “arranging furniture to encourage a conversation.”

If you read further, HGTV explains how to arrange furniture in the living room with very specific distances apart and focusing on the shape of the furniture.

Make sure that you have natural pathways available so that you don’t have people crossing in front of the “conversation area.”  Position furniture carefully with traffic in mind so that it flows smoothly, especially if you have a large family and a lot of people in and out of your home.

When looking for a modern sofa store to setup your living room, consider how the layout will impact the room. City Living Magazine offers great layout tips in this article.

Central to their article is this statement: “Rather than investing in a large sofa and a loveseat, consider purchasing just the sofa and a couple of light-weight ottomans and club chairs for the space instead. The ottomans serve double duty: operating as trays or additional seating when you need to accommodate a fair number of guests. The club chairs can also be easily moved around to fit your needs a lot easier than an oversized couch.”

By diversifying your arrangements you create opportunities and make the most out of your living room furniture.  However, when considering placement, consider the size of your sofa.

A large living room can accommodate oversized furniture but sometimes, simpler is better, especially in small or tight spaces. A modern sofa can be found in a wide variety of colors and sizes, including large sectional sofas and small sofa beds.

By shopping at a modern sofa store, you can find the best quality and selection, particularly when looking for a leather sofa.

Leather or leatherette is a nice material to use in your living room furniture because it is durable, not easily stained and looks better over time.

This article  on the Sofa Blog outlines some great reasons why leather is a great material for your sofas. According to the writer, not only is it more durable and supple, but it has a higher fire resistance capability.

Now, the modern sofa is important to your living room, but equally critical is how you use the accent pieces such as coffee tables and side tables. Where does your lighting go? All of these little pieces are part of the bigger picture and influence the feel of a room. Do you have a second focal point? Finding the right accent pieces will be critical to making the most out of your living room furniture. Using a rug creates a location and truly adds to your room’s arrangement. Keep it simple so that other parts of the room can stand out, or use the rug to add color to your arrangement.

By shopping at the right sofa store that pairs matching accessories, you are sure to create a haven for family and friends.

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