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Tips to choose bedroom furniture for your new home

When choosing bedroom furniture for your home, the first thing to do is to study the layout of the room to decide several things—the space available to place furniture, how large that furniture should be and what is the focal point of the room. You also need to take careful consideration of the style you are looking to create, especially if two people are involved in the decision and tastes could run differently.

A critical point is taking a proper measure of the space. If you have low ceilings, than a platform bed might be a better choice so that you can maximize the space available to make your bedroom appear larger than it actually is.

One really good tip when looking at how to layout your bedroom is to make sure you maximize the view. If you have a gorgeous bay window overlooking the bay in Miami or a high-flung loft in New York overlooking the city, then as HGTV points out in their tips for arranging bedroom furniture, maximize the view. Instead of trying to buy bedroom sets that overpower or divert the attention, make the view a natural part of the bedrooms décor.

As part of redesigning your bedroom, after looking at layout and space, you will need to look for ways to remove clutter. Adding contemporary dressers might give you more storage space to hold items to help them from spreading all over your room.

“I always start with the bedroom,” says feng shui consultant Andrea Gerasimo of Menomonie, Wisconsin in this Natural Home and Garden article. “It’s your sanctuary.”

Gerasimo cites studies showing that what you’re thinking when you nod off affects how you sleep and your mood when you wake up. So if your last mental image is of chaos and clutter, you’re not setting the right stage for quality sleep.

As Gerasimo notes, many designers recommend starting with a bedroom first because it can become your sanctuary. If this is a new home, your bedroom furniture will be a part of your success in your new home, so make your decisions with care.

Once you’ve removed the clutter and have measured the layout, it’s time to start looking for bedroom furniture that matches your taste. Modern beds come in all shapes and colors these days and modern bedroom sets also make it easier to buy a cohesive look.

Most of us won’t have that stunning view, so as noted in this article here, the bed becomes the focal point. And the Freshome writer advises that new home owners scale décor based on the size of their bed. “Depending on the size of your bedroom, your bed will most likely be the focal point.  If you have a large bed in a small room, you will instantly feel cramped and uncomfortable,” said Freshome.  “Consider having a smaller bed, and size your table lamps and decorations in the same proportions.  If you are going through the effort and scaling down the bed, so should the accessories that surround the room.”


This includes your contemporary dressers as well, even if you need the storage space. Pick furniture that will grow with your needs over a few years. White and black is always a classic and can easily be mix and matched with interior designs around the room. Whether you want to add this year’s color, tangerine tango, to the sheets atop a white platform bed and a black shag rug for contrast or you want to keep it minimalist with all white furniture and sheets, it’s your new home and your bedroom.

Just remember to keep to the basics in size, so that you don’t overpower the room with a large modern bed. When in doubt, seek the advice of an interior designer who will best know how to incorporate your tastes and color preferences into a gorgeous design. Even visit a local showroom for a modern furniture store for inspiration before you decide. Take a look at images on the internet and use that as a guide in how you design your new bedroom.


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