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Make a Big Splash in a Small Backyard Pool

If you are like most people, the size of your outside yard area is limited and adding a pool seems to  usually require choosing between a larger play area or an area dedicated to primarily pool activities, making the yard seem to shrink.  In places such as Miami or Los Angeles where the summer heat just begs for relief, having a pool almost seems a necessity however, there are some real positive and easy ways for creating a beautiful outside area that delivers the best of both worlds: a cool refreshing place for a dip and room for gathering and sharing.

Some tips provided by design experts for making small backyards seem larger are simple, straightforward and will make the difference between feeling deprived and fully enjoying your outdoor space.

One of the first things you can do is to create varying levels creating visual interest as well as providing for additional seating. This allows you to maximize the yards available space by perimeter plantings. These can be storage boxes or planters that provide storage, easy access to flowers, herbs and add an additional element of establishing distinct spaces which leads to the next recommendation…

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Create at least two outside “rooms”. This definition between the spaces, especially in a small location, provides the sense of being able to travel even if it is around a planting of tall grass giving a sense of motion and “arriving” at a place of destination. Modern deck furniture is well suited to form groupings that informally invite conversations and help to define areas. Even a well placed umbrella or a cluster of them creates areas of interest, a focal point. In a small space these shouldn’t be too large or they will overpower the space but they also should not be so minimal that the effect is lost. Taking the time to develop a design concept for each room will increase the sense of having moved from one environment to the next. Try mixing sectional sofas in one room with a modern outdoor dining room in the other. In this way you have created defined areas along with great functionality. Be playful and look for color schemes as well to distinguish one room from the other which leads to the next recommendation…

Keep bright colors to the foreground in plantings. This keeps the eye returning to a position away from the back so the boundary of the space has a tendency to recede, again making the yard look bigger. Adding one continuous deck around the pool area provides for easy clean-up and the furniture should be both practical and fun. The “Queen of Love” is a recently released oversized colorful, baroque inspired outdoor chair that just begs for attention, ample use and inclusion as a made-to-order conversation starter. With delicious colors ranging from pink to yellow, white to black, surely you can find inspiration from the inclusion of this piece or get adventurous and consider the entire line, “Design of Love” which includes additional pieces that will add sparkle and uniqueness to your backyard.  Outdoor cocktail tables, champagne urns and storage ottomans with the ultimate in modern design will provide for lots of design possibilities.

Another consideration is to use tile. An excellent non-slip material, it allows for the flow through of water and supports wicker chairs and deck loungers, avoiding nasty gouges in the ground. A technique to visually fooling the eye and making a space seem larger than it is is to lay the tile down diagonally. This creates a sense of the space being larger than it is.



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