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Personalizing Your Garden Increases Your Sense of Well Being

outdoor furniture Manhattan Personalizing Your Garden Increases Your Sense of Well Being

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Sometimes you just don’t know what you will read. It started innocently enough discussing the effects of gardening and digging in fresh black soil that usually makes most people happy however, this article went on to discuss the benefits of a microbe geosmin that naturally occurs in compost piles that acts essentially as a natural happy pill. That smell of fresh earth after a rain is the essence of feeling good. In keeping with this thought, enriching the garden so we can bloom just as well as our plants, it is important to make this space work so we can enjoy its bountiful environmental and health benefits.

Getting a handle on how much space you have, first consider how you would like to use it then immensely useful for keeping projects on track, create a sketch of where, what, when and how. Since working in soil is beneficial to our well being be sure to include either in ground plantings or pots filled with medicinal plants such as aloe vera and edible plantings. It is not necessary to choose between flowering plants and edible ones as many produce beautiful intermittent flowers that presage vegetables as well as edible flowers themselves; case in point nasturtiums. Plan to design the garden in layers taking into account the size of mature plantings to ensure that there is adequate space for growing plants.

Taking a cue from such a healthy s/pl/ace, modern outdoor furniture should be situated to maximize both interactive engagement with the garden plants as well encourage reflective musings under the dappling of leaf filtered sunlight and gentle breezes slightly perfumed with what else, dirt!

Keep sectional sofas within easy reach of ripening tomatoes and fresh herbs spilling over the edges of scattered pots. You can decide to go with the typical wicker furniture however, there have been some recent intriguing design initiatives elevating plastic outdoor patio furniture to almost theatrical levels with eccentric baroque lines and vibrant colors that rivals the best that Nature has to offer. The “Design of Love” series offers high design in easy to take care of plastic along with colors that will double your happy level with a color selection that is definitely eye catching. Nestled next to blooming orange trees and tropical banana trees, they will compliment any garden design that champions vibrancy. Feel free to mix them with some more traditional patio furniture and wood deck chairs for an eclectic, one of a kind space.

While you are busy adding modern patio furniture pieces as your happiness level dictates, take a moment to make sure that this space is really your space. Including and highlighting those items that you zealously protected to bring home from vacations and perhaps challenged both nature and man to retrieve is the stuff of story making and good times to share. A treasured rock placed atop a cocktail table, adds both weight so on a windy day it won’t blow away as well provides that therapeutic feeling of connection. Why not use the collected beach glass as the mulch around the plants. Sea shells can serve similar duty.

A happy habitat is one that lets us celebrate our life and gives us meaning. Design also is ultimately very personal and should express us in the way that we live each and every day. Once the concern over whether we got it right or not is dispelled, we find the relaxation and comfort that good design, personal design should bring to our lives on a daily basis providing nutrients for our soul in the same manner that rich, black soil does for plants.

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