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Beautiful Kitchens is a blog devoted to, well, beautiful kitchens. It is the online presence of Beautiful Kitchen magazine. Based in the UK and updated daily, this blog features products and designs that anyone contemplating a kitchen renovation will love.

Beautiful Kitchens highlights both products and designs in loving detail. The blog itself is very well organized, with a comprehensive list of links to all sorts of topics, from trends to tiles and everything in between.

The products featured are photographed on a plain white background, allowing the viewer to focus solely on the object in questions. Descriptions include links to ordering pages, based in the UK.

The kitchen design section is updated once a week, and hosts articles on issues of interest to renovators. The stories are full of detailed photos, links and inspiration. There is a lot to see here. These fine bloggers find all sorts of kitchen accoutrement to feature. They talk about furniture, dishes, teapots, towels, toasters, gadgets like the apple knife and a sexy red refrigerator that is much to small for the average American kitchen but looks fantastic. They have cast their net very wide, and the result is a blog that’s interesting and eclectic.

The appliance section features appliances picked for functionality and design, a very nice touch in a world full of white stoves. This section is updated several times a week.

The whole site is written with cheerful British humor, making it as pleasant to read as it is to look at. The design is fun, too. There’s a lot of exciting color and design to be found at Beautiful Kitchens – the blog is really a fun to look at, even if your kitchen renovation is more of a distant dream than an immediate concern. It’s a pleasure to browse, and has a lot of inspiring ideas to offer.

The Beautiful Kitchens blog can be found at in all of it’s colorful glory.


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