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home shopping spy1 online home design blog of Ideal Home magazine
Home Shopping Spy is the online home design blog of Ideal Home magazine. It is a UK based blog featuring all kinds of decorative accessories. There are stylish fabrics, prints, pillows, paint and a whole lot more.

The photographs are simple, yet stylishly shot for artistic effect. The blog is easy to navigate, though the archival search is organized by month and not subject. Home Shopping Spy covers a wide variety of subjects with a dry wit that is refreshing in a design blog. A recent survey of the site shows topics as diverse as letterpress art prints and giant Lego storage boxes. The entries are full of colorful photographs that clearly show the design of the featured items.

Descriptions contain links for shopping on external sites, saving the reader from trolling around the Internet to find that plate with the fox face. The objects they choose to feature are really lovely. Some of them are simply decorative, but others are both functional and beautiful.
Shower curtains in vibrant colors and classically lovely monotone teapots share space with new textile designs and specially designed grocery bags.

The designs come from a wide variety of sources – from an artist in a cottage in the English countryside, to the London Transport Museum’s shop (luggage racks, oven mitts, pillows and posters). They cover a variety of styles, as well, making the blog a great place to find inspiration for all of your decorative needs.

Home Shopping Spy is a great site for inspiration and some shopping – the connected sites are all in the UK, so the prices are in pounds. It also offers some advice on paint and wallpaper – design ideas for areas bigger than tea towels.

Home Shopping Spy is listed as one of most popular design blogs in the UK, and it’s easy to see why. Bright, beautiful photos combined with friendly and funny commentary make Home Shopping Spy a blog worth visiting. Home Shopping Spy is located at

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