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Country Days by Rhoda Parry

countrydays Country Days by Rhoda Parry

Country Days by Rhoda Parry is the blog of Country Homes and Interiors Magazine. It is a cheerful blog that features interior and exterior design ideas with photographs. It also features detailed instruction for beautiful and clever do it yourself projects. Recent features include ribbon curtains with butterfly clips and a very tempting strawberry cocktail.

The blog is cheerful and very well organized, with a good search function and an easily navigated list of previous articles on the side, including a monthly archive and list of features. There’s a link to the magazine itself, which opens to an interface that allows you to turn the pages with the click of your mouse.

In addition to the DIY projects, there are sections on gardens, buys, crafts, interiors and inspirations, kitchen essentials travel and more. Based in the UK, the prices are listed in pounds from British sources.

Interiors and Inspiration is the most popular section of the blog. Featuring not only beautiful interiors but products for the home, the photography is eye clean and striking,

The Craft and Creative Ideas category had crafts for all levels and many different interests. There are indoor and outdoor projects, sewing, rainy day projects, and even reviews of books related to crafting. Out and About features travel to areas in the country – most of them in the British Countryside. The articles have descriptions, photos and contact information. There are also stories about specific home and lifestyle stores.

Country Days is a great blog for those interested in the British Country lifestyle. It offers everything you could want from a home design blog – inspiration, reviews, reference and projects. The overall look is very clean, and the interface is smooth and easy to use. The magazine is bright and colorful as well, with gardens and interiors beautifully displayed through bright color photography. That style continues on the blog, with regularly updated content and comments. Country Days can be found at

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