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Life.Style.etc is the blog of Livingetc. Magazine. It is a wide-ranging design blog that features design for both inside and outside of the home. The site is well organized and easy to use. The past issues are archived by date as well as by subject. The tone is witty and friendly and their focus is unique and chic design ideas.

The subjects cover a wide variety of topics, from crafts to architecture to food and, of course, shopping. This blog is primarily inspirational, with an emphasis on the whimsical and wild. A lot of these rooms are bursting with personality and life. There’s nothing boring on this blog and no beige to be found.

There are several special sections that make this blog stand out from the crowd. The Life.Style.etc team attends and reports on design related and inspired events all over London. They also review movies for interior inspiration. Their food section is extensive and includes beautifully designed cookbooks and (of course) food. Life.Style.etc has a significant section on wall décor – prints and paintings- that is very interesting, and unusual for this type of blog.

The What Were We Thinking area is certainly worth a look – showing previous design mishaps as highlighted in their own publications. It takes a strong editor to admit to that kind of mistake, but it’s certainly entertaining for the rest of us. Some of the styles we embraced in the 90’s were…unfortunate.

Life.Style.etc has a strong architectural bent, as well. A quick look at the blog shows a lot of really fascinating buildings of many sizes and shapes from all around the world. Of course, that kind of renovation is more than most readers are looking for, so the blog primarily features a lot of really striking interiors. There are mainly living spaces, with a smattering of bathrooms and kitchens.

The shopping section is about stores and the latest collections, but there are a number of beautifully designed, functional items to be found here. It is not a shopping site, though, so you’ll have to follow the links to buy what you’re looking for. They are based in Britain, so prices are in pounds.

If you’re looking for chic inspiration for your design project, Life.Style.etc is certainly a great resource for you. Their bright, elegant style will make any room pop with vibrant style.

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