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passion for pattern Interior Design blog dedicated to fabrics
Passion for Pattern is an interior design blog dedicated to fabrics, wallpaper, trimmings and ceramics. Not surprisingly, the blog features designs and patterns on those objects.

The blog is very easy to look at and simple to navigate. It is updated every few days, and showcases a variety of beautiful and interesting products. The blog’s tone is witty and fun, and their eye on design is sharp.

This is a newer blog, with issues going back less than a year as of this writing, so they don’t yet have an extensive archive available. They have, however, covered pattern use in all sorts of home settings. In just the first few pages you can see examples of patterns used on furniture, flooring and in room design. They have featured articles on the use and misuse of design.

All of the photos will get larger when you click them. There are links to quite a few outside pages as well. In a feature on Francis Ford Coppola’s new hotel, there is a link to the hotel website to encourage readers to explore the decorating.

This is not a shopping blog, as many home design blogs are. This is much more inspiration and discussion oriented. The wry humor and gorgeous photos encourage a thoughtful, if snarky, exploration of new trends in the use of patterns in all aspects of home decorating.

Passion for Pattern is a must-see blog for anyone interested in the art of interior design. It will encourage an appreciation for the beautiful and sometimes really bold in home décor.

Passion for Pattern can be found at It is related to Homes and Garden Magazine. The blog is based in Great Britain, so prices are in pounds and there is a focus on British designers and products. The archive goes back to September of 2011 and is the best way to access past features.

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