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From classic to nautical to country to edgy, this home design blog truly lives up to its name of “Room Envy.” This highly active blog has been in existence for a long time, since 2008, and regularly posts in a casual but creative way with plenty of pictures galore to drool over. Many of us wished our bedrooms looked this good and that’s why it’s called room envy.
There are creative ideas on this blog for every room in the house. Whether it’s incorporating wall art or wall stickers to bringing in brightly colored chairs to an industrial design, /”Room Envy” helps anyone looking for inspired design ideas to deliver new results in their redesigned living room or bedroom.
Even the kid’s don’t get shifted in this blog. Often times, many blogs focus only on kitchens or dining rooms orliving rooms or even the adult bedrooms, but kids and teenagers bedrooms get short shrift in terms of ideas.
The author of the blog, Jenny Drew, brings a collection of images and inspirations from across the web into one blog, with unique ideas such as staircase bookshelves or hidden cubby holes to store daily use items such as coats and umbrellas. Other ideas are inspired by holiday trends. Whether it’s the Fourth of July in your outdoor patio or Christmas in New York, Ms. Drew fills your eyes with a feast of creative interior designs to whet your appetite.
Sponsored by 25 Beautiful Homes, the blog is an offshoot of a stunning glossy publication that  highlights the inside of beautiful homes every month, offering you design inspirations for your home in many formats.
And the blog doesn’t miss a beat by including ideas for every room from your outdoor patio to your reading nook. Vibrant in color, it’s images flaunt the designs we envy in accessories and accents such as rugs and canvas prints and unique knick knacks on shelves.
Stop by this blog for ideas the next time you are redesigning your living room or kitchen – you’ll be glad you have a nice blog to get your creative design juices flowing.

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