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House to Home is a UK-based interior design blog. The blog covers all of the areas of the home, and is organized by tabs for each room. Photos for the subject area scroll at the top of the page and there are different sections for decorating ideas for accessories, advice and shopping.

House to Home is more than a design blog, though. They feature links not only to stores, but tradesmen, buyer’s guides and special offers. The blog is meant to be a go-to for all of your renovation and redecorating needs. As they are reaching out to a broad audience, their pages feature many different design styles. One of the living rooms featured is very modern and lush looking. The next room in the series is casual comfort, with a more open floor plan and lighter colors. This is a great blog to start with if you are looking for ideas before you decide on a theme.

House to Home features a design board to help you narrow your choices down. If you see something you like, you simply click on the paperclip above the photo and it gets added to a virtual corkboard that appears at the top of every page. It’s a wonderful idea for a design blog – it can help you bring the look you want through the whole house.

The How To section is less about crafts and more about caring for the home you’ve worked so hard to perfect. How to regrout tile and care for laminate flooring figure are two of the guides available.

The Advice section features comprehensive guides to common quandaries. For example, the paint section features no fewer than eight separate features on different aspects of paint. Interior, exterior, eco-friendly, and floor paint are all discussed, and that’s before they get into application, style, gloss and color. House to Home discusses a wide variety of home improvement topics with the same depth and zeal.

The blog also has a product finder, featuring neat new accessories and their sources. It’s a on a scrolling photostream, making it easy to review and click on the items that catch your interest. Clicking on an item brings you to a description and an order page.

House to Home is a great blog for both the new and experienced homeowner – it offers great information and a fabulous selection of products to inspire your decorating dreams. House to Home can be found at

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