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Posted on 28th July 2011 in Danish Furniture, Danish Furniture Designers

danishfurniture.blogspot.comFamous for his broad range of chair designs, Arne Jacobsen considered himself an architect first despite his successes in modern furniture. Jacobsen became very popular and well known for his various designs of modern chairs. Born in 1902, and growing up during the great boom in the design work, this Danish architect helped develop a modern furniture style called Danish Modern which is still a top design choice in the modern world. Arne Jacobsen was focused on functionality in his designs, but was able to bring an edge of comfort to his chairs and sofas.

Initially, Jasobsen wanted to go into painting but was encouraged to move forward with a career in architecture by his dad. Jacobsen spent time studying at the Architecture School at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. As a student, Jacobsen began competing in design fairs around the world. It is said that when he went to the Paris Art Deco Fair, he saw the grand designer Le Corbusier and fell in love with his work and the aesthetics of his designs. He was also influenced by design greats Mies van der Rohe and Walter Gropius.

Known as an ultra-modern architect, Jacobsen spent several years creating out-of-the-box designs before fleeing his home during World War II. After restarting his career, he designed the SAS Hotel from the ground up – the contemporary furniture, rooms, everything.

These days, Jacobsen is most recognizable by his chair and contemporary furniture designs. One of his first chairs was the Ant Chair.

The Ant Chair is an elegant, yet simple stackable chair created in 1952 for the lounge area the Danish pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk. Shaped similar to an “ant,” the chair had three legs and was very popular in modern design.

Another chair Jacobsen was famous for is the Model 3107 chair, which is noted as one of the most popular in Danish history with its use of techniques of bent plywood that were innovative when created in 1955. The chair, along with the ant chair, was inspired by a modern design by Charles and Ray Eames who also made a plastic armchair and chaise still popular today. The 3107 chair had multiple styles, as an office chair, had the ability to attach a writing desk and other materials. It is these features that make the piece timeless as it surely influenced other designs worldwide from New York to Italy.

Jacobsen was not done though. One of his next pieces was the Egg chair for a Radisson SAS hotel in Copenhagen. While other creations include the Cigar, the Grand Prix chair, the Pot and others, the Egg wasn’t your typical chair as it had a matching couch that was later discontinued. Jacobsen also made the Swan chair for the Radisson, and this design is still popular in contemporary furniture today with plenty of living rooms and home offices using a Swan chair.

In addition to architecture and furniture, Jaocbsen also made a stainless steel cocktail kit as well as faucets and accessories for your bathroom. Arne Jacobsen died in 1971 with plenty of new projectin the works, including major buildings in England such as the Danish National Bank and the Royal Danish Embassy.

Arne Jacobsen may be gone, but his modern furniture line is still a mainstay in interior designs.




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