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Posted on 26th September 2011 in Architecture Schools, Architecture schools in Los Angeles

With many choices to choose from, Los Angeles is home to several architecture schools. One of the institutions that defines the edgy, eclectic modern design that is Los Angeles is the Southern California Institute of Architecture, affectionately known as SCI-Arc.

Originally opened in 1972 by a group of faculty and students who wanted to explore new ways of communication and design

“…a way of thinking critically, independently testing prospects which, in retrospect, represent a chronology of provisional paradigms…”

As one of the top architecture schools in the world, design ideas are given free reign encompassing societal and environmental concerns. Actively participating in urban and regional activities, they are yearly participants in the Solar Decathlon which rewards cutting edge innovation and technological advances in the use and incorporation of solar energy in residential design.

The UCLA School of the Arts and Architecture encompasses a wide range of academic programs including architecture and urban design, art, design/media arts and more. Located in the Westwood area of Los Angeles, they attract pioneers

“who embrace the forward-looking spirit, dynamism, freedom, and possibilities for innovation…”

As a leader in modern and contemporary design, the school prides itself on being a leader in the architecture community offering an undergraduate, masters and a PhD in architecture along with the opportunity for advance research. Take for example the 3M futureLAB that is currently examining one of the giants in modern design, Mies Van de Rohe. The MA and PhD programs in Critical Studies examines contextual contemporary design.

The Los Angeles Institute of Architecture and Design, LAIAD located in Los Angeles includes an architecture, interior design and advanced studies in American Space. Intended primarily as a transfer school, they emphasize quality education for a select number of students. Exploring modern design elements, it lays down a foundation to prepare for advance placement as an undergraduate or graduate student.

Woodbury University with a scattering of hubs around the Los Angeles area and in San Diego, the programs

“…emphasize the development of the architect-citizen as cultural builder and facilitator of situationally critical and responsive design.”

Offering degrees in architecture, interior architecture and landscape architecture they encourage the integration of the built environment with sustainability to develop new technologies to realize both sensitive and great works of art. The Center for Community Research and Design promotes pro bono work to affect change. Much of modern design has been actively engaged in producing designs with an acute understanding of cultural and political considerations. This school encourages the marriage of these ideas.



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