Tuscan style furniture makes for a comfortable home

Posted on 18th April 2011 in Tuscan furniture

Decorating can be fun or frustrating depending on your approach. Sometimes too many decisions are involved, what style, what color, that can lead us to hesitating about making design choices. When in doubt think first about how you live your life and what catches your eye. If you love entertaining for large groups in more formal settings than your color choices and furniture should carry this throughout your space. Perhaps Italian style has particularly caught your eye. If this is the case, then you might want to explore further incorporating traditional classic Italian furniture. Adding a few pieces of antique Italian furniture might be just the right touch to add a bit of elegant refinement to your space. Don’t be afraid to mix and match.

If you enjoy being more casual and formality is not so much a part of your life, perhaps you should consider modern or Tuscan style.

Tuscan style is a naturally warm and rustic style that invites family and guests alike to come in sit and enjoy a lively conversation.

The furniture is comfortable and easy to care for leather, wood and metals. Known for the classic iron forged metal scrolling on table legs, accent pieces and around mirrors it lends itself to mix well with other style pieces working with a rich array of colors.

For the dining room the classic farmhouse table is usually solid wood and recalls country living at its  most relaxed. Able to provide ample seating it is a wonderful addition as well as chairs that encourage people to socialize enjoying wine and great food.

The Tuscan bedroom will become a peaceful retreat with a four poster bed or for a bit of contrast add a sleek headboard with clean smooth modern lines. Placing night tables on either side with wrought iron scrolls for a base will showcase both styles. Adding a solid wood dresser provides the storage you need as well. Be sure to include some marble candlesticks that accents this style so well. A lacy light over head or an antique glass chandelier adds a little romance into the space.

You will probably find you are drawn to rustic oranges and afternoon saturated yellows. Add some complementary colors of dark indigo blue and rosy reds to bring out their beauty in your space.

Whatever style you choose classic, traditional, modern, antique or ever so comfortable Tuscan style Italian furniture, look for pieces that work within your lifestyle.



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