Interior Design Schools in LA

Just as Los Angeles is teeming with several local architecture schools, interior design schools are abundant here as well.

Otis College of Art and Design is a four year program that specializes in design through a wide range of applications. Environmental Design starts with a cornerstone of the school’s program called Foundation, a solid base of basic design classes that will prepare them for continued study in their particular specialty. Architecture, landscape and interiors are studied as a multidisciplinary program examining all three in a single seamless curriculum. With student works that investigate space to function to form, creative and innovative modern design ideas are encouraged. The integration of technology into the design is highlighted as well.

Woodbury University offers a degree in interior architecture. As a platform for transferring  to a higher university, it prepares a small and talented group of students who require the support and the affordability that Woodbury University offers.

California State University offers an Interior Design Program as a Bachelor of Arts. While interior design is usually considered the design of interior spaces this school also offers the skills to be able to work as an industrial, package or furniture designer. The development of their portfolio is important here to ensure that a student’s ideas can be clearly and concisely conveyed.

The Art institute of California – Los Angeles in Santa Monica which is located just east of the city, offers a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design. Taught the basics of space planning along with color and finishes their focus is to develop innovative thinking as a creative professional ready for the challenges of today’s workplace.

The Los Angeles Institute of Architecture and Design, LAIAD located in Los Angeles includes an interior design program. Intended primarily as a transfer school, they emphasize quality education for a select number of students. Exploring modern design elements, it lays down a foundation to prepare for advance placement as an undergraduate or graduate student.

Westwood College offers a bachelor’s degree in three years. With a more practical approach to the study of interior design, it prepares to be a professional in the field stressing the development of skills in space planning, lighting and computer-aided drafting.

IDM Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles offers an Interior Design Associate of Arts degree that emphasizes like Westwood achieving the foundation for design and preparing for a professional career. It features a student who graduated from the school designing for a hotel in New York working in “Rebel Architecture” because they are known literally for twisting, sculpting, and bending all the rules of design.”



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