Interior Design schools in Miami

Posted on 3rd October 2011 in Interior Design Schools in Miami

Miami, an international city, is home to Art Deco and some of today’s hottest young interior designers like David Bromstad of Color Splash on HGTV. Locally, there are several schools nearby that help produce outstanding designers.

Miami International University of Art & Design is one of these and boasts several specialty programs in the field of interior design. With both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Fine Arts in advertising, graphic design, interior design and visual arts, the opportunity to explore and express your creativity is guided with professionalism, talent and functionality. Course selections run the gamut from sketching and studio to the history of furniture design and 3-D modeling. With a focus on preparing the students for a professional career in interior design, this school, located in the heart of Miami is well situated to do just that.

Miami-Dade College is the largest and most diverse college in the country hosting eight campuses with over 174,000 students attending. The A.A. Interior Design program is housed within the School of Architecture and Interior Design. Because of this studies include architecture, art and design classes intended to train the students to understand the relation of interior spaces to the total design of the structure. Meant as preparation to transfer to a four year school, it combines theoretical concepts with practical hands on experience; students ready for the next challenge in their careers.

Miami University’s Interior Design program ranks 10th according to the 2011 Design Intelligence list. They boast portfolio based admissions, state-of-the-art facilities and opportunities for independent student-directed research both locally and internationally. The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree offered emphasizes educational discipline to qualify for licensing as an interior designer. The intent is to enter practice as soon as the student graduates. With visiting lecturers from all over the country as well as the world, the students are exposed to the latest in modern design encouraged to synthesize these influences through a multidisciplinary approach.

The Wolfsonian Museum is located strategically near many of these Miami interior design schools. With a permanent collection of American and European artifacts from the late nineteenth to mid-twentieth centuries are displayed in an exhibition entitled, Art and Design in the Modern Age. With past, current and future exhibits, examples of modern furniture design and accessories are on display for both the edification of local design students as well as the general public. Partnering with local Miami-Dade public schools, exposure to great art is critical in providing a base of understanding design and its place in our everyday lives, a goal of many today’s interior designers.

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