Choosing stylish Scandinavian bedroom furniture

Posted on 12th April 2011 in Furniture design styles, Scandinavian Furniture

With a tight economy and even tighter budgets, looking for styles that can enhance our living space while going easy on the decorating cost is something worth taking a second look at.

Scandinavian style furniture is one you might want to consider. Known for their uncluttered contemporary lines, this lends itself to furniture pieces that are easier to live with and not requiring a lot of maintenance or fussy details to worry about. They are also usually made simply so using them on a daily basis is a pleasure.

While looking in furniture stores for your next bedroom set, notice that bed styles vary. There are some that have the leg posts allowing for easy cleaning underneath the bed as well as allowing for extra storage. It can also add a lighter feeling to a room.

Another choice is a platform bed. This can also be an excellent choice as it sits solidly on the ground not requiring any cleaning under the bed at all. Selecting one that incorporates drawers built into the base is worth adding as it can provide invaluable storage space.

Because it is a base on the floor, one solid mattress is all that is required for a good night’s rest. Because there is no requirement for a box spring, it should to be a lower cost investment providing a substantial furniture piece in your bedroom. Some are built with a bookshelf headboard which can be great when you want to read in bed. Since night tables aren’t as important it allows for all-in-one furniture arrangement. Want the best of both worlds? There are beds that are made having the four post legs and storage drawers as well.

Dressers should be functional and catered to how you use your bedroom space. They can be high and slender or low and wide. If you have the space, one of each can be great as it can you a place to put jewelry boxes and accessories within easy reaching while still maximizing tighter spaces with a taller dresser.

Usually the wood in Scandinavian furniture is light-colored, which works well with today’s color palette. Whether you prefer light colored walls or a darker hue, it adds a relaxing feeling that is perfect for the bedroom. This is the place we come to after a hard day’s work to ease some of our stress and change into our comfy clothes. Well-made Scandinavian bedroom furniture can provide for a solid investment with budgets in mind, easy maintenance and a lightness in everyday living.






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