Christophe Pillet – French Furniture Designer

Posted on 6th September 2011 in French Designers

Christophe Pillet – French Furniture Designer – A younger modern furniture designer, he was born in 1959. Graduating from the Fine Arts Academy in Nice in 1985, he continued his studies at the Domus Academy in Milan. A year after he opened his own design firm in 1993, he was awarded the title of Best Designer of 1994.

Using his creative abilities to work in a wide swath of fields like stage design, architecture, interior design, product and furniture design he has worked with well known Phillipe Starcke for over five years and in 2005 began collaborating with Porro.

One interesting element that he likes to weave into his modern furniture designs is the use of fire which he views as a sensual and delicate element that works well with contemporary furniture. He also designed a collection of minimalist tables labeled “Neat” produced by Kristalia. While the materials used aluminum, plywood and white lacquer are straightforward enough it is the actual production that gets more involved. With a barely there profile it lives up to its name as no frills, only the most essential of bare modern lines.

The chair “Pulp” is a unique one piece molded to conform to the shape of the human body it cantilever’s back with a profile as intriguing as its appearance. Immensely suitable for constant use such as in an office setting or public reception areas, it can be easily cleaned and lends itself easily to being stacked.

He is responsible for creating the interiors for the Hotel Sezz in Saint-Tropez, France. With his signature less is more approach to his minimalist modern furniture designs, the “Triomphe Sofa” typifies his interest in designing furniture that has what it needs and no more with a softly rounded back and strikingly defined lines.

An intriguing outside patio furniture piece is the “Loop Bench” which is made of polypropylene which is color fast and resistant to fading from the sun.  Completely 100% recyclable, it also collision proof. With an understated brilliant simplicity, imagine a rubber wrist band compressed with an oblong void left in the middle. With completely rounded edges it is child friendly as well.

He also works with more luxurious materials and finishes as well. The “Rive Droite Armchair” is made of walnut with seat and back cushions filled with down and covered in either textiles or leather. With almost no apparent connections between the pieces of the frame it is a simple and elegant design of pure modern furniture.

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