Diverse furniture designs in mid-century modern: A look at some of the greats

Posted on 8th June 2011 in Furniture Designers

Once the manufacturing and technology revolution began in the early 19th century and on into the 20th century, product designers around the world began creating new creations in a flurry, hoping to get on the mass manufacturing train and generate a rich income. Furniture was no different, but early on a few designers distinguished themselves from the rest as trend-setters and modern furniture designers. Starting with the Bauhaus School in Germany, all the way to America, designers worldwide created unique, modern creations. A few of the best designers include:

Charles and Ray Eames: Ray, along with her husband Charles, were some of the most iconic designers of the modern 20th century in which mid-century is defined. Early on they innovative materials including fiberglass, resin chairs and wire mesh to design furniture. Some of the most iconic furniture was created by the Eames duo, including La Chaise in 1948, the Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman in 1956 as well as the plastic armchair among many other chairs, ottomans and storage units the couple designed.

Le Corbusier: Not only did Le Corbusier (born Charles Edouard Jeanneret) have a profound influence on modern architectural design, but he had multiple furniture pieces that are distinguishably his today. In addition, he focused on design in urban spaces, trying to find a way to manage the urban housing crisis n Paris, France that leading officials had not been able to solve. He worked on this starting in 1922 and continued through the 1930s, even publishing a book on it.

Marcel Breuer:  Breuer wil always and forever be known for the Wassily Chair. This tubular steel chair paired with fabric initially, and leather later, is one of the foundations ofmodern folding chairs and is considered “revolutionary” in how it used materials to create a modern chair. Breuer is one of the early students and teachers of the Bauhaus School of Design.

Arne Jacobsen: Jacobsen could be considered the father of the popular Danish Modern style. Jacobsen contributed much knowledge and skill to the world of architects but also greatly expanded the styling of chairs for function, style and comfort. While he worked on many products in his lifetime, he is remembered most for his furniture designs such as the Egg and the Swan chair. These comfortable lounge chairs were made of fabric and cushion and were in a modern, unique shape.

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