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European influence on Modern Furniture Design

Posted on 11th February 2011 in French Designers, Furniture Designers, Italian Designers

Modern furniture is definitely in the eye of the beholder. Over the years, furniture trends have changed with the times, culture and even location. Home owners looking for contemporary furniture had to look no further than the Italian, German, Japanese and French furniture designers that were taking the industry by a storm, heavily influencing American furniture design.

Over the years, as the interior design industry evolved from stone and woodwork only, and from satisfying a basic need such as a dining table, a large chest or chair, to being designed as a work of art, modern contemporary furniture design has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry with American centers of art and design centered in major cities such as Miami, New York and Los Angeles.

What was once considered European has trickled its way into American homes, influencing design aesthetics nationwide.  For example, office furniture. What was once very utilitarian and designed only around its function has changed from large, solid, heavy blocky pieces of wood to light, streamlined, desks made of chrome or other material that reduces its weight.

Office chairs have evolved from very thick, hard, sometimes uncomfortable unless you were very wealthy to lightweight designs that allow it to be ergonomically designed and stylish.

Even bedrooms have changed. American bedrooms used to have very large bed frames, heavy on the draperies and curtains. Bedrooms are now designed more as an eternal place of relaxation through the use of creating ambiance. Current popular contemporary furniture trends are Zen furniture which focuses on the concept of “ma,” or the concept of how space between objects create a mood, usually focused on a Feng Shui concept; or the minimalist approach which uses the absence of color and clutter to create an elegant and modern interior design style. Modern wall stickers or large canvas prints can add a splash of color to the minimalist design.

Other returning trends include Baroque furniture design which revitalizes a period between the 16th and 18th century. Baroque design influences can be seen in Michelangelo’s work during this time period, and usually note a more flowery, ornate and carved elements to furniture. Decorative accents tend to adorn Baroque furniture design and can be seen as trim around a mirror, fanciful shadow boxes or artwork.

Regardless of whether you prefer Baroque over Zen or minimalist furniture design, you can be sure this modern furniture can always be found in major metro areas Chicago, Houston, Washington D.C. and others around the country.

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