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Posted on 28th September 2011 in Interior Design Schools, Interior Design Schools in NYC

New York City known as the Mecca of the world for design and entertainment does not disappoint with its offerings of interior design schools.

The New York School of Interior Design founded in 1916 takes the job of training the next generation of interior designers seriously. Its opening page includes the definition of the practice as defined by the National Council for Interior Design. The degree options are just as impressive with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design, Bachelor of Arts in the History of the Interior and the Decorative Arts and an associate’s degree as well. Self described as a national leader in design education, the student’s works are edgy and modern emphasizing spatial understanding, materials innovation in application with the integration of sustainability principles,

“good interior design is a paradigm for good, healthy, sustainable life on the planet.”

Pratt Institute is located in Manhattan celebrating its 125th. anniversary. In addition to its extensive architecture program it offers both an undergraduate and a master’s degree in interior design. With a strong emphasis on sustainability and addressing the triple bottom line addressing social, environmental and economic equality, it seeks to

“Create professionals who effectively contribute to the enhancement of function, health, safety, and quality of the human environment.”

Parsons The New School for design is another well known school in New York City. Encouraging students to become leaders in their profession and in society, the school attracts some of the best and the brightest around the world. Like its name, it is in the forefront of modern design leading into traditionally unchartered waters embracing their mission for the students, the alumni and the faculty. Simply pursuing their website is an exercise in innovative thinking. With the development of schools within a school called the New School Network it demonstrates through language and through graphics how programs and disciplines are connected and dependent on each other. With both undergraduate and graduate degrees available, it is interesting that the Master of Fine Arts in Interior Design is referred to as the School of Constructed Environments preparing the students to play transformative roles in the profession and become teachers of the next generation.

The Art Institute of New York City cites the most basic tenets of modern design where form meets function.  Offering an Interior Design – Associate in Applied Science, it takes on a more practical approach to having the students learn and apply the basics preparing for an entry level job in the profession.



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