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Posted on 21st September 2011 in Swedish Designers

Seen as a hot new designer in the world of Swedish modern furniture, Mats Theselius was born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1956. He studied industrial design at Konstfackskolan, known as HD K and opened his own studio where he began to be noticed in 1985 with the release of his design the “Elk Skin Easy Chair”. He released his first collection called Algskinnsfatoljen, producing a series of 360 chairs resembling a cut out cylinder. This includes well known chairs; the “Rex Chair” in 1994, the “El Rey” in 1999 and the “Embassy Chair” in 1999 for the Swedish Embassy in Berlin. The “Rex Chair” is upholstered in moose leather sporting a steel frame with exterior steel detailing.
Källemo, producing most of his designs since 1989, in 1990, he designed the “Aluminum Lounge Chair” made of aluminum and beech. It is considered post modern with an interesting contrast of a classical weave pattern interfaced with a machine like appearance of the base and back supported by metal legs that resemble more a brace than a leg.
The “Chaise lounge” in 1992, is a limited edition piece made from a steel frame with a car-enamel finish covered in leather. Its’ unique roller coaster curves lay atop felt lined storage below.
With a focus on designing club and lounge chairs, “The Ritz” in 1994, echoes some of the same lines of a classic leather club chair redefined into contemporary furniture by the addition of lacquered metal. With non matching legs in the front and back, it looks as inviting to sit in as it is intriguing to look at.
The release of the “Elektra” in 2001 again with aluminum, leather and lacquered metal appears as if the top half of a traditional club chair has been placed upon a modern metal base. The “El Dorado’ in 2002 resembles a cut out cylinder upholstered in leather with brass accents.
The “Bruno Chair” has a chromed steel frame that is slipped through the leather that forms the main body of the chair. With attention to detail and construction, parts of the leather are snapped around the frame to hold it in place.
It is clear why he is held in high regard in terms of contemporary Swedish modern furniture designers. His design abilities extend beyond furniture to glassware, table ware, lighting fixtures, boots, every day household and decorative accessory items making sure that great design is both affordable and accessible to everyone.

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