Modern furniture Designs: Zen Style

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As the movement to integrate the environment into more of our lives continues it is only natural to include these elements reflected in Zen style furniture. Creating a sense of connectedness is a part of the Zen experience which looks to meditation to create transformation through self-actualization creating a sense of harmony and a feeling of being at one with the universe. The modern furniture that we have in our homes and office can contribute to this sense of calm by providing comfort, both physically and spiritually, upon which to rest.

Modern design is characterized by its clean, uncluttered lines that are sleek and powerful simultaneously. While ornate baroque can be interesting to gaze at admiring its intricate detailing, Zen style would encourage a less is more approach allowing the mind to transcend the physical. A chaise or a sofa should be selected that provides a quiet reflective spot that allows for contemplation. A soft modern rug underfoot lends a gentle sensory experience while a modern exotic wood coffee table speaks to the elements of the earth and nature.

Including outdoor patio furniture inside the home can enhance this feeling of connection between the inside and the outside. Look to natural grass and weaves to add comfort and ease of maintenance. Wood wears wonderfully and with care looks better with age. While patio furniture might be a natural for consideration in Miami or Los Angeles where living outside is a normal part of everyday life, New York can benefit from this as well. It provides a lightness and an unexpected touch to a home. It can also be changed easily moving pieces around the home. Bedrooms become more intimate with a wonderfully woven chair set aside a modern platform bed.

Dressers, credenzas and dining room tables can contribute to the modern Zen style with simple, elegant woods. Candles and well chosen accessories can add that something extra to make your space personal. Consider including a sand garden that provides for unstructured play. Hand carved gourds and exotic glass lanterns exude ambience as well providing subtle color.

By finding a unique piece of modern furniture and incorporating a Zen-like style and influence into the design, you can learn to incorporate a more relaxing feel to your room and inside your home. It doesn’t matter whether you are styling the bed in your bedroom with modern wood accents and Zen influence or adding a low coffee table to a brown low rise sofa. By looking at ways to bring the environment into your home you can have a carefully cultured home.

Color is an important element within each space and Zen style furniture can provide a wonderful mix of whites and neutrals that complement rather than dominate the space. White, ethereal by nature, can be incorporated by including modern furniture that incorporates this color so well. Visiting a modern furniture showroom in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami can provide real opportunities for understanding the use of these elements and what appeals to you.

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