Modern Furniture and Feng Shui

Posted on 15th July 2011 in Furniture design styles

Modern living room Los Angeles

Modern furniture fits right into the Feng Shui

Space by its very nature can be complex incorporating solids and voids, light and shadow, color, dimension, warm or cold, embracing or enlightening. When design elements pertaining to furniture and accessories begins to be included into the modern design space, it involves another set of complex relationships between materials, finishes, textures, styles such as Baroque, Scandinavian, French, Italian or Danish to mention a few.

The Zen style of modern furniture looks to find harmony with all of these standard elements within a naturalist interior design setting. Modern furniture and Feng Shui look to do much of the same by using these natural influences to create a modern interior design.

Feng which means wind and Shui which means water are symbols for good health. The way that design elements are arranged along with the colors and materials used, create a balance of energies within a space. In keeping with a sense of clarity to create calm, look to declutter your home.

Modern furniture fits right into the Feng Shui tenets that look for streamline furniture that embraces minimalist lines. A well proportioned modern sofa that can provide adequate seating should be selected over a bunch of smaller chairs which adds to both physical and visual clutter.

A few accessories such as a modern mirror or groupings of gathered dried materials add harmony and nature. Also part of Feng Shui is to have good air quality and plenty of natural light. Mirrors can help bring in reflected light creating good Feng Shui energy called Chi. Be sure when using mirrors which represent water that they are not used in the southeast area of the home as this represents fire and the mirror’s energy would put it out. It is also important to position mirrors to keep the energy reflecting into the space. Modern wood furniture works well with mirrors as they are complimenting elements and don’t negate each other or force negative energy into a space. Look carefully in your home to make sure the natural elements you bring in don’t compete with each other.

When looking to add or rearrange furniture, you will need to define the Ba-Gua which is the Feng Shui energy map of your home. Ba-Gua is the placement of specific elements across your home. Once the bagua has been determined, look to incorporate the five elements of Feng Shui into each space creating an internal compass in your home that guides your inner spirit.

Knowing the compass direction of your home allows you to apply what each part of the compass represents to the room. Color as well plays a role in creating good energy within the home. As each direction represents an element that element also represents a color so it would make sense that the southeast which represents fire would be the color red. Placing a modern bed in a southeast all red bedroom with no mirror either behind or in front of the bed might be just the Feng Shui you have been looking for!

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