Top international furniture designers

When exploring the world of furniture designers, it is obvious that there are some really famous furniture designers.

One of the top furniture designers is Marco Zanuso who is well known for his work in designing the “Lady” chair. This modern chair was popular in the fifties and Zanuso was one of the Italian furniture designers behind this latex foam product.  Another well known modern furniture designer was Carlo Mollino, a top Italian furniture designer who was known for his fast lifestyle but exquisite architectural renderings and furniture designs.

Mollino created unique pieces, usually as a one-time project, but his elongated shapes and play with form have impacted design worldwide. Mollino did not mass-produce his designs, which have created a sensation of being one of the top furniture designers in the world, with price tags in the several millions on his furniture designs at famous auction houses like Christie’s.

Around the world, while Zanuso and Mollino were becoming famous furniture designers, other furniture designers were being equally as creative and working to transform the world of modern furniture designs from big, bulky and heavy to light, airy with movement and form.

Isamu Noguchi is one of the top Japanese furniture designers that had an impact worldwide. His infamous Noguchi coffee table is still produced today and the table’s elegant form, function and durability is what keeps Noguchi as one of the world’s most famous furniture designers today.

These furniture designers have impacted modern and contemporary furniture designers. What makes a modern and contemporary design?

Like Mollino, Zanuso and Noguchi, creating modern furniture pieces relies on using new available materials and manufacturing techniques to create affordable modern furniture designs. Today’s contemporary designers are still using these famous furniture designers creations as a basis for some of their own furniture designs.

Top furniture designers today look to the best Italian furniture designers and Japanese furniture designers for inspiration. Japanese design influences fill homes with their Zen like furniture design that focuses on space and form. By looking at these furniture designers, we see a rich history of creativity that still flourishes in modern furniture designers today.

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