Modern Bedroom Furniture

Your personal sanctuary is no longer a dream, as you explore the delicate contemporary and mid-century designs of the Modani bedroom collection. Escape to another world in a modern king size or queen size classically designed bed or slumber in style with a sleek Zen platform bed. Complete your domain of perfect serenity with a variety of plush mattresses, or Italian leather armchairs and loungers and keep your home functional with Modani minimalist dressers and nightstands.At Modani we not only have modern and chic bedroom accessories; they’re perfect for storing precious items in any size bedroom. Brighten up your bedroom set with contemporary lamps and widen any small space with custom designed oversized mirrors. Also, Modani stocks heavenly king and queen size mattresses to ensure a good night’s sleep. Modani Furniture showcases the finest luxury designer beds at minimalist prices and designed in a way that will capture the eye of the consumer. All of our upholstered designer beds and mattresses feature the highest quality inner materials in soft, firm, comfortable, memory foam, or pillow top styles and come in grey, white, and black. Our new aloe vera topper mattress and memory foam is comfortable and cutting edge. If you are looking for a mattress with no springs that offers comfort look no further. Our mattresses are made to help you rest in style and comfort. Modani’s bedroom collection is clean, contemporary and designed to incorporate European styles. Our mid-century modern bedroom sets are elegant and in high demand. These pieces showcase bold designs that will help make your home look great! Regardless of whether you live in San Francisco, New York, Houston, Dallas or Atlanta, these bedroom sets are available for your viewing pleasure. All major cities including in Los Angeles, Miami, Toronto and Chicago, these collections are in display and ready to go home with you! This is the perfect time to redesign our bedroom. With so many styles to choose from with amazing prices, you can’t go wrong.

  1. Envy Bed
    New Envy Bed
    Special Price $2,490.00
  2. Kyoto Bed Cream White
    Kyoto Bed Cream White
    Special Price $1,299.00 Regular Price $1,390.00
  3. Cama Storage Bed Gray
    Cama Storage Bed Gray
    Special Price $2,050.00
  4. Lanai Bed White
    Lanai Bed White
    Special Price $1,690.00
  5. Hiro Modern Bed
    Hiro Modern Bed
    Special Price $2,290.00
  6. Casa Storage Bed White
    Casa Storage Bed White
    Special Price $0.00 Regular Price $950.00
  7. Movido Bed White
    Movido Bed White
    Special Price $1,550.00
  8. Movido Bed Gray
    Movido Bed Gray
    Special Price $1,550.00
  9. Casa Twin Bed
    Casa Twin Bed
    Special Price $640.00
  10. Casa Storage Bed Black
    Casa Storage Bed Black
    Special Price $899.00 Regular Price $950.00
  11. Giorgio Bed White
    Giorgio Bed White
    Special Price $1,699.00 Regular Price $1,750.00
  1. Strada Dresser White
    Strada Dresser White
    Special Price $1,340.00
  2. Hiro Dresser
    Hiro Dresser
    Special Price $1,490.00
  3. Envy Dresser
    New Envy Dresser
    Special Price $1,690.00
  4. Envy Chest
    New Envy Chest
    Special Price $1,690.00
  5. Lea Chest Walnut
    New Lea Chest Walnut
    Special Price $750.00
  6. Vendome Dresser Gray
    Vendome Dresser Gray
    Special Price $1,390.00
Nightstands / Side Tables
  1. Kona Side Table
    New Kona Side Table
    Special Price $390.00
  2. Filago Side Table Cognac
    New Filago Side Table Cognac
    Special Price $220.00
  3. Envy Nightstand
    New Envy Nightstand
    Special Price $590.00
  4. Clara Side Table Gray
    New Clara Side Table Gray
    Special Price $290.00
  5. Khloe Side Table White
    Khloe Side Table White
    Special Price $210.00
  6. Ora Side Table Gold
    Ora Side Table Gold
    Special Price $199.00 Regular Price $220.00
  7. Giulia Side Table
    New Giulia Side Table
    Special Price $269.00 Regular Price $290.00
  8. Vendome Nightstand Gray
    Vendome Nightstand Gray
    Special Price $490.00
  9. Strada Nightstand White
    Strada Nightstand White
    Special Price $490.00
  10. Flavia Side Table White
    Flavia Side Table White
    Special Price $180.00
  11. Edan Side Table
    Edan Side Table
    Special Price $340.00
  12. Zary Side Table Walnut
    Zary Side Table Walnut
    Special Price $240.00
  13. Hiro Nightstand
    Hiro Nightstand
    Special Price $340.00
  14. Andara Side Table Small
    Andara Side Table Small
    Special Price $440.00
  15. Wyatt Side Table Walnut
    Wyatt Side Table Walnut
    Special Price $260.00
  16. Khloe Side Table Black
    Khloe Side Table Black
    Special Price $210.00
  17. Ora Side Table Silver
    Ora Side Table Silver
    Special Price $220.00
  1. Omega Table Lamp White
    Omega Table Lamp White
    Special Price $269.00
  2. Omega Table Lamp Black
    Omega Table Lamp Black
    Special Price $290.00
  3. Boden Table Lamp
    Boden Table Lamp
    Special Price $190.00
  4. Bodina Floor Lamp Black
    New Bodina Floor Lamp Black
    Special Price $320.00
  5. Rica Side Lamp
    Rica Side Lamp
    Special Price $210.00
  6. Hedda Table Lamp
    Hedda Table Lamp
    Special Price $170.00
  7. Sigrid Table Lamp
    Sigrid Table Lamp
    Special Price $119.00
  8. Zio Side Table Lamp
    Zio Side Table Lamp
    Special Price $199.00
  9. Lucide Table Lamp
    Lucide Table Lamp
    Special Price $199.00
  10. Lucide Floor Lamp
    Lucide Floor Lamp
    Special Price $320.00
  11. Delta Table Lamp
    Delta Table Lamp
    Special Price $190.00
  12. Titan Table Lamp Black
    Titan Table Lamp Black
    Special Price $190.00
  13. Titan Floor Lamp White
    Titan Floor Lamp White
    Special Price $340.00
  14. Arend Table Lamp
    Arend Table Lamp
    Special Price $0.00 Regular Price $155.00
  15. Shadow Chandelier Small
    Shadow Chandelier Small
    Special Price $490.00
  16. Shadow Chandelier Large
    Shadow Chandelier Large
    Special Price $590.00
  17. Fountain Ceiling Light
    Fountain Ceiling Light
    Special Price $590.00
  18. Waverly Chandelier
    Waverly Chandelier
    Special Price $640.00
  19. Mistral Chandelier
    Mistral Chandelier
    Special Price $540.00
  20. Ulf Ceiling Lamp Red
    Ulf Ceiling Lamp Red
    Special Price $149.00
  21. Hoggar Ceiling Lamp
    Hoggar Ceiling Lamp
    Special Price $180.00
  22. Jackson Floor Lamp
    Jackson Floor Lamp
    Special Price $640.00
  23. Winston Floor Lamp
    Winston Floor Lamp
    Special Price $490.00
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