Outdoor Furniture

Enhance your outdoor experiences with Modani! Help bring your garden or outside patio to life with modern, contemporary and designer outdoor furniture, lighting and home accessories. The garden is a place where the best memories are made, from family barbeques to afternoons of relaxation and play. It’s one of the few places in the home that is constantly changing with flowers and plants thriving throughout the warmer months. Use one of many sundeck chairs, armchairs, pool chairs, long chairs and sofas to relax on a warm day. Whether you like to read, listen to music or simply enjoy the warmth of the sun, your garden is the ideal place to sit back and relax with an outdoor waterproof lounge from Modani. Our outdoor sectional sofas, daybeds, armchairs and outdoor loveseats offer maximum comfort, while being timelessly stylish and durable. Modani's modern designs don't stop with interior furnishing. Instead they transcend past the threshold and into the outdoor, transforming the outdoors into a personal expanse. Modani's modern outdoor furniture and patio furniture will enhance your exterior without detracting from the natural beauty of the environment. Whether you want to add pieces to your pool, deck, patio or balcony areas, Modani has informal and modern solutions to fit your needs. Relax in romantic bliss with our luxurious modern outdoor sofa sets that come in either a 2 seater or 3 seater sectional. Soak up the sun with lavish lounge chairs. Enjoy a barbecue with your best friends using our outdoor stylish seats. Our outdoor accessories can withstand the strongest storms! Don't let your life be limited by a building's walls. Brighten up your outdoor space with our lamp options of LED, UL, or sconce. Outdoor dining is one of the best ways to socialize with friends in the summer months, so why not do it in style with a nice accent rug or pillow? Whether you’re looking for an outdoor dining set with fabulous sling chairs, outdoor lighting, or patio umbrellas to help you host the perfect party, our contemporary collection of outdoor furniture and accessories will help fulfill your needs. A sleek and modern outdoor coffee and side table is the heart of every home’s outdoor living. Friends and family alike will gather around and enjoy every morsel of your impeccable design selection. Modani offers outdoor furniture set constructed with a durable aluminum, wicker, resin, rattan, and wood frames in an array of colors including black, brown, grey or white. The waterproof cushions are richly detailed with the finest outdoor leather material, which has the ability to withstand the ever-changing weather conditions. Crafted with clean Zen lines, this opulent table emits vibes of relaxation and warmth. Every meal will feel like an intimate modern gathering. Add any Modani style seating such as the Mallorca set, for an effortless experience.

Outdoor Sofas / Armchairs
Outdoor Loungers / Canopies
  1. Isa Outdoor Lounger White
    Isa Outdoor Lounger White
    Special Price $340.00
  2. Isa Outdoor Lounger Gray
    Isa Outdoor Lounger Gray
    Special Price $340.00
  3. Zita Outdoor Lounger White
    Zita Outdoor Lounger White
    Special Price $340.00
  4. Seville Outdoor Lounger Gray
    Seville Outdoor Lounger Gray
    Special Price $159.00 Regular Price $290.00
  5. Loris Outdoor Lounger White
    Loris Outdoor Lounger White
    Special Price $759.00
  6. Laguna Outdoor Lounger White
    Laguna Outdoor Lounger White
    Special Price $640.00
  7. Fidji Outdoor Canopy White
    Fidji Outdoor Canopy White
    Special Price $1,990.00
  8. Fidji Outdoor Lounger White
    Fidji Outdoor Lounger White
    Special Price $590.00
  9. Fidji Outdoor Lounger Taupe
    Fidji Outdoor Lounger Taupe
    Special Price $590.00
Outdoor Bar / Dining Sets / Dining Tables / Dining Chairs
Outdoor Coffee Tables / Side Tables
  1. Laguna Outdoor Coffee Table
    Laguna Outdoor Coffee Table
    Special Price $440.00
  2. Laguna Outdoor Side Table
    Laguna Outdoor Side Table
    Special Price $140.00
  3. Azzuro Outdoor Coffee Table
    Azzuro Outdoor Coffee Table
    Special Price $149.00
  4. Azzuro Outdoor Side Table
    Azzuro Outdoor Side Table
    Special Price $99.00
  5. Catalina Outdoor Coffee Table
    Catalina Outdoor Coffee Table
    Special Price $99.00 Regular Price $290.00
  6. Isa Outdoor Side Table Gray
    Isa Outdoor Side Table Gray
    Special Price $190.00
  7. Delano Outdoor Coffee Table Black
    Delano Outdoor Coffee Table Black
    Special Price $149.00 Regular Price $199.00
Outdoor Umbrellas / Accessories
  1. Absalon Umbrella Gray
    Absalon Umbrella Gray
    Special Price $390.00
  2. Absalon Umbrella White
    Absalon Umbrella White
    Special Price $490.00
  3. Hatay Umbrella White
    Hatay Umbrella White
    Special Price $1,120.00
  4. Emilia Umbrella White
    Emilia Umbrella White
    Special Price $360.00
  5. Patras Large Planter Gray
    Patras Large Planter Gray
    Special Price $109.00
  6. Patras Small Planter Gray
    Patras Small Planter Gray
    Special Price $59.90
  7. Florina Large Pot White
    Florina Large Pot White
    Special Price $309.90
  8. Florina Small Pot White
    Florina Small Pot White
    Special Price $189.00
  9. Florina Black Large Pot
    Florina Black Large Pot
    Special Price $279.90
  10. Florina Black Medium Pot
    Florina Black Medium Pot
    Special Price $169.00
  11. Florina Black Small Pot
    Florina Black Small Pot
    Special Price $89.90
  12. Veria Large Planter Black
    Veria Large Planter Black
    Special Price $149.00
  13. Veria Small Planter Black
    Veria Small Planter Black
    Special Price $89.00
  14. Veria Large Planter White
    Veria Large Planter White
    Special Price $149.00
  15. Veria Small Planter White
    Veria Small Planter White
    Special Price $89.00
  16. Llio Large Planter White
    Llio Large Planter White
    Special Price $259.00
  17. Llio Small Planter White
    Llio Small Planter White
    Special Price $179.90
  18. Arbuste Round Topiary Large 20
    Arbuste Round Topiary Large 20"
    Special Price $39.00 Regular Price $99.00
  19. Arbuste Round Topiary Small 14
    Arbuste Round Topiary Small 14"
    Special Price $19.00 Regular Price $79.00
  20. Arnoux Outdoor Pillow
    Arnoux Outdoor Pillow
    Special Price $29.90
  21. Bear Outdoor Statuette White
    Bear Outdoor Statuette White
    Special Price $529.00
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