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Since the lounge is where we spend the majority of our time relaxing in the home, it is important that the furnishings are stylish, robust and most importantly of all, are comfortable. Lounge, the word itself implies rest and comfort. Modani understands this marriage between relaxation and design. The Modani line of modern contemporary lounge chairs calms the weary spirit while revitalizing creativity. Our furniture's style, shape and color create a lasting impression in your home and life. From fashionable minimalist recliner lounge chairs to leather armchairs are all truly inspiring pieces of artistic furniture. Clean modern lines and luxurious materials make each chair a designer's dream. Our modern lounge chairs naturally induce a Zen like repose state, as well as our bold Baroque styles that can't help interrupting meditation with a fashion statement. Transform your home or office into the paradise you've always envisioned. Modani’s lounge chairs make it easy. Whether you are after mid-century modern, maximum comfort or a striking and intriguing design, we have the ideal lounge chairs for you within our extensive collection. Find a local store in your city whether you’re in Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago, Toronto, Atlanta, Dallas, San Francisco, or LA, the Modani Lounge Chairs are the perfect choice for maximum comfort. The chair also has an executive feel to it, which gives it a sense of importance. From high chairs to beautifully sleek benches, Modani modern interior options of fabric in white, grey, or black will win you over. Even if you just need an ottoman cube to sit and wait for a while or a bar chair to join friends around your bar, our ethnically inspired chairs are the perfect place to rest your legs and let your eyes enjoy the modern contemporary designs of our furniture. Our wide assortment of styles range from the glitz, industrial, and glamour of minimalist steel decor to the dramatic curves of contemporary wood baroque benches. The designer day bed and fabric loveseat provide an accommodating alternative for those that would rather rest horizontally. Whether you want natural Zen accents or high-fashion contemporary living room furniture, we've got an array of modern benches and stools for your home.

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  1. Amber Lounge Chair Gray
    New Amber Lounge Chair Gray
    Special Price $599 Regular Price $790
  2. Jonas Lounge Chair Light Gray
    New Jonas Lounge Chair Light Gray
    Special Price $699 Regular Price $790
  3. Bloom Armchair White
    New Bloom Armchair White
    Special Price $899 Regular Price $990
  4. Bloom Armchair Gray
    New Bloom Armchair Gray
    Special Price $899 Regular Price $990
  5. Tahoe Lounge Chair Cognac
    Tahoe Lounge Chair Cognac
    Special Price $449 Regular Price $549
  6. Kendra Armchair Yellow
    Kendra Armchair Yellow
    Special Price $499 Regular Price $660
  7. Kendra Armchair Gray
    Kendra Armchair Gray
    Special Price $499 Regular Price $660
  8. Stockton Lounge Chair Black
    Stockton Lounge Chair Black
    Special Price $899 Regular Price $1,130
  9. Rowen Lounge Chair White
    Rowen Lounge Chair White
    Special Price $1,499 Regular Price $1,830
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