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Modani offers a selection of the finest modern and contemporary lighting pieces with a wide selection of modern styles, looks and finishes. Our unforgettable creations are designed by the best European designers which add a mid-century modern and industrial look to all selections. We offer a wide selection of bedroom lamps and halogen lamps as well as stand-up bedroom and living room lighting decor. We set the bar for the lighting design community featuring an endless variety of striking materials. Our selection of modern designer chandeliers reflects the pioneering thought of industry-leading artists and promising young designers. Don’t overlook the beautiful appearance of a pendant lamp that mimics serene water droplets. Let this overhead floor lamp add a tranquil and Zen ambience to your favorite space. Our traditional ceiling lamps work with many of the historical peaks of design. Many of these pieces are composed entirely of metal and crystal. They are available with a wide variety of custom sizes, colors, materials, and finishes. Modern lighting is not only illumination but also a crucial enhancer to your home furniture. Keep the limelight on all of your modern furniture with Modani contemporary fashionable light fixtures. Light a room with warmth and mid-century modern style by adding spherical shaped, square, or round ceiling lamps, pendant lamps, table lamps or floor lamps. Looking for something more illuminating? Look no further than our suspended chandelier shine with unrivaled brightness and beauty. For those that prefer a more direct light approach, our modern arrays of UL, office lamps, incandescent, dome, and pending lights command attention in whatever area they are aimed at. Live your life like a modern movie star. Modani lights stand tall and shine light evenly across any room. Add an elegant and unique touch to your office space with a desk lamp. Transform your living room with a side lamp with unlimited possibilities of material: metal, led, and many more. Need to light up your outdoor living space? Modani has several options that will fulfill your patio light needs. Don’t worry about water damage; Modani’s waterproof lights are ready to meet your outdoor lighting requirements.

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