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From large wall-length mirrors to the small yet perfectly formed, we have a contemporary mirror to suit any interior style at our Modani showrooms. Modani offers the finest designer mirrors and mirror frames, as our collection is available in distinctly contemporary and modern styles. Our modern designer mirrors are a bold step forward for the design community. These mirrors represent the work of leading designers showcasing a wide range of beautiful materials. Our variety of mirrors feature finishes such as wood, metal, and superlative craftsmanship. Bring raw attention to your walls by hanging the Solaris mirror anywhere in your home! By creating a contemporary atmosphere, this reflective piece doubles in both functionality and as modern art. Accent a living room wall, entryway, or add over a bathroom sink to show that even a bathroom can be clever in design. The Modani mirrors are created with the same traditional methods that have been used for centuries, so that they will please for generations to come. Many of our mirrors are available with custom sizes, materials, and finishes. Each piece brings a unique glamour to the contemporary bathroom. Modani mirrors help to frame your face with the perfect outline, drawing out your natural glamour with just a glance. The elegantly contemporary suspended mirror revitalizes almost any modern home with a dramatic illusion of depth. The shiny surfaces support other minimalist decor, distinguishing the elegance in everything they reflect. From luxurious lacquered edges to refined metal rims, our variety of mirrors serves to enhance the impact of your modern bedroom furniture. Find a fitting decorative frame for your lifestyle. Modani is all about image.

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  1. Zola Oversized Mirror White
    Zola Oversized Mirror White
    Special Price $390.00 Regular Price $449.00
  2. Zola Mirror Walnut
    Zola Mirror Walnut
    Special Price $290.00 Regular Price $360.00
  3. Zola Oversized Mirror Walnut
    Zola Oversized Mirror Walnut
    Special Price $390.00 Regular Price $490.00
  4. Lanzo Mirror Ash Gray
    Lanzo Mirror Ash Gray
    Special Price $390.00 Regular Price $490.00
  5. Lanzo Mirror Black Oak
    Lanzo Mirror Black Oak
    Special Price $390.00 Regular Price $490.00
  6. Vicenza Mirror
    Vicenza Mirror
  7. Axis Mirror
    Axis Mirror
    Special Price $290.00 Regular Price $395.00
  8. Stella Mirror
    Stella Mirror
    Special Price $290.00 Regular Price $390.00
  9. Solaris Mirror
    Solaris Mirror
    Special Price $290.00 Regular Price $538.00
  10. Alto Mirror Walnut
    Alto Mirror Walnut
    Special Price $290.00 Regular Price $377.00
  11. Hilo Mirror Large
    Hilo Mirror Large
    Special Price $540.00 Regular Price $690.00
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